Memory Foam Mattress Topper


As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m someone who wants to save a buck. So when it came time for me to get serious about finding a new mattress, I did a ton of research on memory foam. The prices for a memory foam mattress were just too outrageous for me. $3,000 for a queen mattress? Really? $3,000. So I quickly switched to researching best memory foam mattress toppers. I figured I could get a good night’s sleep for a fraction of the mattress price.



And I was right. You don’t have to spend as much as I did, but I wanted to know I was getting quality. I read a ton of reviews on Amazon and I remember one of them where this guy bought three toppers at $50 each and he just plopped all three, one on top of the other, on his mattress. I give him points for creativity. On the other hand, why not just buy one topper for $150? The brand he was reviewing is a 1 inch topper with a density of like 2 lbs or something. So no wonder he needed three of them to feel anything! There are a lot of memory foam brands out there, these days. One, Novaform, is sold through Costco, so it is a brand people recognize. The Novaform elite isotonic memory foam mattress topper is a good product. As I’ve said elsewhere on this blog, the weight of the foam and the thickness of the pad matter. Novaform makes a 2.5 inch, 2 pound topper. Don’t bother — you would be wasting your money.




The reviews will really help you once you’ve fixed a price. Getting to hear what real people say after a night or a month of sleeping on the memory foam mattress topper will be invaluable.



Here’s what I can tell you: Get at topper that’s at least 3 inches thick. A 3 inch memory foam mattress topper will cost a little more but you will feel the difference! If you are heavier, you might want to pay extra for more comfort — a 4 inch memory foam mattress topper would suit you better.



When the mattress topper — memory foam — arrives it won’t look anywhere near the right thickness and it will take a day or so to reach its full height. Next, look at the weight of the topper or even better, the density (if they tell you). You want at least 4 lb density.



The density describes how well the cells disperse the weight of your body. This doesn’t mean that skinny people can get away with less density or that heavy people need more. Really it’s a way to gauge how long the mattress topper will last. That’s really what it comes down to: the more money you spend, the longer the topper will last. Denser foam costs more because there is more material used in making it. A thicker topper costs more for the same reason. So a memory foam mattress topper, queen will naturally cost more than the same thickness/weight topper in full or twin.



Another factor is the chemicals used in making the memory foam. You’ll hear me harping about buying memory foam that’s made in America. This is not some political protest; it’s a fact that our memory foam manufacturing has oversight. All memory foam is going to smell at first. You unroll it and let it air for a day or two and the smell will pretty much dissipate. But if you buy a cheapo topper made in another country (I’m not naming names) you might be buying a new smell for your bedroom, for forever.


Sarah Peyton Memory Foam Mattress Review 10 Inch

Sarah Peyton Memory Foam Mattress Review View The Website
Enjoying Your Rest Hours with the Sarah Peyton Memory Foam Mattress
Since the Sarah Peyton Memory Foam Mattress 10-inch appeared on the market, sleeping comfortable and in a healthy way is no longer a luxury.
This mattress uses innovative fabrics such as base foams and viscoelastic foam. The two foam layers plus the cover are specially designed to enrich the quality of sleep, due to their ability to relieve the pressure of the body weight on the muscles, joints and even bones.
Most such mattresses come at a very high price, which is why not many people can afford to buy one. Fortunately, the Sarah Peyton Memory Foam Mattress is a real deal, because of the excellent price/quality ratio. Moreover, the two contour pillows it comes with turn it into a very good investment for your house and your own comfort and health.
Best memory foam mattresses found the best price for this mattress over on with savings of up to 33% Off full retail price and also including free shipping on this Sarah Peyton Memory Foam Mattress. For further information
The Sarah Peyton 10-inch Mattress is made of a layer of polyurethane that is covered by another layer of viscoelastic foam. At first sight, it may seem as a regular mattress, but the deeper layers promise a deep, sound and comfortable sleep that no other mattresses can promise.
The fact that it is quite thin makes it a great solution for low beds and for those who do not like to sleep very high. The mattress cover is treated with aloe vera and can be removed to be washed whenever you want. This way, this foam mattress can always be clean and can become an excellent accessory for a stylish bedroom.
Purchasing a mattress like this can be one of the best acquisitions for your house for a multitude of reasons.
Here are just some positive aspects of the Sarah Peyton Memory Foam Mattress which make it a great choice:
Price. The Sarah Peyton 10-inch Mattress comes at the best price possible. If you thought you couldn’t afford to sleep in a very comfortable bed without spending a fortune on mattresses, you were wrong. This foam mattress (with the two contour pillows as bonus) is very cheap in spite of the high technology behind it.
Density. The four pound density is the perfect one for a mattress. Long years of research led the producers of the Sarah Peyton Memory Foam Mattress to believe that this density is essential for a comfortable sleep during which the whole body can relax without feeling any pressure at all.
Technology. The foam technology embedded in this mattress makes it an intelligent accessory for your bed. The fact that it memorizes your body position and molds to your body, taking into consideration your weight, turns it into the excellent place to spend the whole night. Because of that, you can be sure you will wake up feeling fresh and relaxed, with lots of energy to go on for the rest of the day.
Design. Most foam mattresses do not have a removable cover or, if they have one, it is not very good looking. This is not the case of the Sarah Peyton Memory Foam Mattress, which looks great and complements the whole design of the bedroom.
Health. We all know that foam mattresses have as a main purpose offering the body support during the whole night. The way they memorize the position of the body until it changes is probably the best innovation in the industry. What many people do not know is that the Sarah Peyton mattresses are specially designed for those with allergies. So, if you suffer from allergies you should consider purchasing one for your own sake.
Most specialists find it difficult to think about the negative aspects of this mattress. A negative point to owning this mattress could be the fact that you will be thinking the whole day about going back to bed where you feel so good. But, this is something we all like and which, paradoxically, keeps us energized the entire day at work.
Even though the reviews of the specialists in the industry or of those of the physicians or chiropractors are very important, the opinion of regular people who have already used it is more relevant than anything else.

The Perils of Intercontinental Sleep

These days we take everything for granted. If it doesn’t flash, make noises, do our work for us and update the world about our dinner last night then we’re not interested. But the most underrated and overlooked miracle of the last century and beyond is flight.



But let’s face it, it really can be all too easy to trivialize such a miracle of physics when you’re 7 miles high and some fat housewife going on a package holiday has elbowed you in the head for the 10th time in as many minutes.



Beyond the horrible check-in experience, the waiting, the boarding, the awkward bumping of limbs as you load your luggage into the overhead compartments, there is the most powerful and undeniably horrific saga of sleep.



On long-haul flights, or even cross-continental trips, sleep is the one thing that turns the average passenger into a snarling beast! After wrestling with your headphones to watch the craptacular film that’s being displayed on the half-inch screen a million miles away from you, you then have to find somewhere to put your feet.



If you had a modest ticket then you will soon become aware that leg space is something of a rarity. In unmovable seats 10 inches away from each other it’s all too easy to boot the seat in front of you with the slightest movement. Hell hath no fury like a sleep-deprived passenger who’s been kicked in the back the 7th time by a fidgeting child.



There’s a saying “he could fall asleep on a washing line”. If that were true I’d also be able to sleep sitting up, but unfortunately nature has made pretty sure that’s never going to happen. Reclining is another issue. You’re either going to place someone’s drink tray firmly in their forehead, or crush their legs whilst you wriggle in your sleeplessness. There should be a term specifically targeted for mid-air “sleep guilt”. I’m sure there’s a ratio for angle-declined versus guilt gained.



The only time I’ve managed to ever get any quantifiable amount of sleep on a flight is when it’s on a huge 747, with 3 rows 3 seats, only me and one other passenger on the row with the middle seat as a “no man’s land” in which to rest limbs. That, combined with several blankets and pillows got me a few hours, but at the price of a neck like the letter ‘L’.


Sleep Disorder: Sleep Problems, Symptoms & How to Determine You Have One

Sleep disorders are very common in the Western world.


 A sleep problem is more than just sleepiness and when you lack quality sleep it can result in serious accidents, emotional outbursts that affect relationships, health problems including mental health among numerous other issues. Sleep is important so it is important to seek medical advice if you feel you have a sleep problem.


Symptoms of Sleep Disorders – Everyone experiences the occasional sleep problem and getting a good night’s rest. This is common because we live in a world of deadlines, exams and other temporary pressures that can cause us to feel stressed which can affect our sleep. When you lack sleep in this way you may feel a little foggy, unable to concentrate but as soon as the deadline is over or the stressor has passed you can go back to sleeping peacefully. However a sleep disorder is something experienced on a regular basis, despite stressors. But how do you tell if you problem is an ongoing issue or an isolated occasional occurrence?


The best way to determine whether you need to seek help with your sleep problems is to identify your symptoms and behaviors during the day. These can give you telltale signs of sleep deprivation.


If you experience any of the following you may have cause for concern:


·         Irritability


·         Feeling sleepy during the day


·         Difficult staying awake when you sit still, read or watch TV


·         Feel very tired while driving.


·         Often get told you look tired.


·         Feel emotional and have emotional outbursts.


·         Slow reactions.


·         Require caffeine to keep you going.


·         Feel like taking a nap every day.


·         Difficult concentrating.


On top of these symptoms it is a good idea to make a note of your sleep habits and daily routine. Try writing it down and keeping a record of your sleep pattern and this will help your Doctor to diagnose you more efficiently and to help you overcome your problems. Some sleep problems resolve around trying to get the individual back into a normal sleep routine, so keeping record can help determine the best route of action.


Things you can include in your sleep diary may be:


·         Time you go to bed and time you wake up (total hours of sleep)


·         Quality of sleep


·         What you have eaten and drank during the day


·         How you feel before bed


·         Drugs or medications you have taken


Details can be important in determining the cause and solution of your sleep problem. Diet and lifestyle play huge roles in sleep so try to write down everything you can.


Aqua Products APRV Aquabot Pool Rover Hybrid Robotic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner

How much do you normally spend on the maintenance of your above ground pool? And don’t think this question only entails the money you invest in chemicals, the electricity needed to power the filtration system or operating the heating unit and the replacement components when something gets clogged. Proper pool maintenance is an extremely time consuming job, particularly when you want to take all the precautions to ensure the water is one hundred percent safe to swim in.


Aquabot Pool CleanerBut what if there was a solution similar to the notorious “Roomba” robots, the tiny saucer-like vacuums that clean your home automatically? While it might resemble the Mars Rover more than a Roomba, the Aquabot Pool Rover Hybrid Robotic Pool Cleaner designed by Aqua Products has essentially the same function. To put it simply, just like the Roomba utilizes its sensors to decide its path and avoid obstacles, the APRV’s guidance system ensures that no part of your pool remains un-scrubbed.


Evidently, the principle is the only thing the two devices have in common, because the automatic pool cleaner moves around via the jets of water emitted after vacuuming the debris. On a side note, this innovative technology is what makes it a power efficient unit and allows the manufacturers to avoid using sensitive parts. This pool cleaner “aquabot” also boasts a powerful filtration system capable of trapping even the smallest particles as well as full customization capabilities. However, once you input the parameters, you can walk away and come back in half an hour to see the results: crystal clear water with no effort on your part.


Features of Aqua Products Aquabot Pool Rover Hybrid Robotic Pool Cleaner


This pool cleaning robot can remove even the largest algae formations as well as particles with dimensions of less than 2 microns

The actions of this robot floor cleaner are fully customizable for the owner, so you can adjust it to the specifications of the pool

Setting the APRV is extremely simple thanks to the comprehensible user manual

Automatic Pool CleanerThis robotic pool cleaner moves around via the jet propellers that expel the filtered water back into the pool

The Aquabot Pool Rover Hybrid Robotic Pool Cleaner is equipped with wider, non marring wheels that permit it to easily pass ripples in the bottom of the pool or prints, even to partially escalate the walls

It measures 16 inches by 17 inches by 19 inches, weighing approximately 28 pounds

These aquabots require fairly little maintenance and no human supervision

Debris are stored within an internal container with a capacity of 19 quart, so it eliminates the need for a hose

This model is capable of eliminating all dirt/leaves/algae formations from a standard pool measuring 24 feet in diameter in just under 1 hour

Works on low voltage currents, which makes it 100% safe to use

This aquabot pool cleaner comes with a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

This pool cleaner automatically powers itself down after 2 hours of standby in case you forget about it

The length of its cable is 41 feet



The Aquabot Pool Rover Hybrid Robotic Pool Cleaner averages a 4/5 star performance on Amazon, but it is necessary to point out that the vast majority of customers awarded it a full 5/5. Although its innate ability is for pool cleaning service as well as its smart orientation system work just as the manufacturer boasts, there are a few remote cases when it failed to turn itself down or the fuse blew. However, due to the infrequency of these problems, we tend to believe that they were related to improper usage rather than manufacturing defects.


Additional benefits of the APRV Pool Rover


While we have already reviewed the normal features of this pool cleaning robot, it is necessary to point out that these unique gadgets perform an additional task: the recirculation of the water via the jets. In other words, when this Robotic Pool Cleanerpool cleaner absorbs the water, it passes through the micro-filter bag and is expelled clean on the backside. The jets prevent the surface water from becoming chemically drained via evaporation and improve the consistency of the chemicals within the composition of the water. This does not only mean that the pool water will become safer, but also that you will have to utilize a fewer quantity of chlorine in order to achieve optimal results.


Furthermore, water recirculation ensures a temperature consistency, minimizing the amount of power your heating system needs to output. Therefore, in addition to saving cash on chemicals and the energy consumption of the pool filter, you also need to invest less in the heater. And, unlike the pool filters, the maintenance requirements of the aquabot pool cleaner are minimal.


Safety Guidelines


Even though the cord as well as this pool cleaning robot fully insulated and therefore safe to introduce in the water, the transformer of the unit is not. As of such, you should never leave it out in the rain or in a high humidity area. Furthermore, if the insulation of the cable is starting to wear off revealing the wiring, then do not place the aquabot in the water. The low voltage may be relatively safe, but water might short out the electrical system.


Lastly, there have been customer reports that suggest this pool cleaner is also suitable for in-ground pool, as long as the diameter does not exceed 36 feet. However, keep in mind that there are better alternatives designed particularly for in-ground pools (Aquabot Turbo T-Jet for instance) and that should be utilized in order to achieve the maximum cleaning performance.


The Final Words


The Aquabot Pool Rover Hybrid Robotic Pool Cleaner is an amazingly powerful self-operated robot that can clean a standard sized above ground pool in less than 1 hour, save you a lot of money on pool maintenance and minimize the need to add a high quantity of chemicals in the water. At the same time, with this automatic pool cleaner you can say goodbye to the unpleasant pool cleaning service, because all you have to do is set the parameters and introduce it into the water. What could be easier, folks?